Amie Siegel
Berlin Remake

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Berlin Remake
2005, 2-channel video installation, 14 min.

A double projection of exterior scenes from East German State Film Studio movies alongside their “remade” version in the present. This soft montage provokes a space where chronological time becomes simultaneous and where physical and cinematic landscapes coincide in an uncanny juxtaposition of past and present, making history (like the GDR) simultaneously present and absent, dramatic and banal, ruptured and reconnected.

“Approaching a film, or a film scene, like a text or musical score, as performance. To approach a cultural output— images from a national film studio—as an index of time & place. Re-making cinematic spaces, shot architectures and angles, the movements of extras. Remaking but leaving things out. The shot pulls focus through emptiness. So the performance becomes a performance of the camera, a performance of estrangement. A performance of absence. A haunting, a doubling, a replica. The historical event that usually goes unseen suddenly so close at hand. A conjunction of virtuality & presence, correspondence & contradiction. A feeling of unease.” – AS

Amie Siegel: Berlin Remake

Exhibition View, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin