Amie Siegel
Deathstar / Todesstern

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Deathstar / Todesstern
2006, 5-channel video installation from 16mm film

Five slow traveling shots down the hallways of early German modernist buildings built or appropriated by the Third Reich and their subsidiary companies (or later the GDR). These iconic or obscure buildings—including Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport, IG Farben Bau, SFB Haus des Rundfunk and KDF-bad Prora—share the uniform, “never-ending” hallways indicative of both national socialist architecture and a modernist program of hygienic building-machines free of the past. Set to a looped soundtrack of the German-dubbed version of Star Wars, the horror film-like suspense of sound and camera movement suggest uncomfortable connections between architecture and ideology, elaborating the shared mass labor, sci-fi ideals of varied utopian movements.

Amie Siegel: Deathstar / Todesstern

Exhibition View, Edith Rüß Haus für Medienkunst, Oldenburg, Germany