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My Way

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Treating Youtube as an archive, a series of video and photo-based works that appropriate amateur images posted online, reconstructing how image posting and “response”—and the online communities dedicated to their propagation— performs the mass-identified narrative of individualism that capitalism proposes. The "My Way" videos cathect issues of gender-specificity, sexual orientation, race, globalization and marketing within the larger codings of belonging and isolation, sameness and difference this vast aggregation of online video documents evokes.

My Way 1
2009, video, 9 minutes, colour/sound
My Way 1 gathers the online video performances of teenagers alone in their bedrooms singing the song “Gotta Go My Own Way” from a popular teen movie. The performers mainly stage themselves amid their toys, posters and pictures—the small private spaces they have decorated themselves, projecting varied intensity, emotion and identification.

My Way 2
2009, video, 12 minutes, colour/sound
My Way 2 gathers performance videos posted on Youtube of individual men, alone in their basements, living rooms, kitchens, and dens, performing alternately poignant, banal and declarative versions of Frank Sinatra’s eponymous song “My Way”. The presence of microphones, instruments, record and playback devices and the varied spatial and cultural stances of the performers reiterates masculine occupations of space and technology.

Amie Siegel: My Way

Amie Siegel: My Way

Exhibition views, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis